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9 Week course

kasia wearing embroidered clothes with embroidered wall hangings

You are invited to a 9 week embroidery course…

I’m going to take a wild guess and assume that you don’t sit down once a week for 3 hours and embroider a creative project for yourself, right? Life is busy and when we’re at home in our familiar environments it can be tricky to set aside time to create. Sitting on the sofa embroidering while your family are busy around you can be not only distracting but also make you feel like you should be doing something else! If any of these resonate with you then I hear you! They’re such common experiences but I have a solution for each one.

  • You’d love to start an embroidery project but have no idea where to begin. - Yup, I can imagine. It can be overwhelming when you don’t know. Many things seem mysterious until you’re shown how and then you go “a-ha! I never would have thought to look there, now it’s so easy!” I take you from the very beginning of placing your fabric onto the hoop all the way to teaching you yet another new stitch and watching you finish your project with a smile.

  • There seem to be so many components to embroidery, choosing the right fabric, the threads, which needle and what size hoop?? - Totally. Grabbing the first bit of fabric, a random needle and thread is not conducive to success. You do have to choose the right materials and I will show you not only which ones but also how to simplify all that complexity! We do more with less :)

  • You’ve done a few stitches in the past, perhaps at school in the younger days but have no confidence in actually stitching up a full project. - You’ll be surprised at what gets dug up from long term memory storage! I see it all the time. It’s getting started with the right support that gets you going and you won’t believe how quickly you’ll be off on your own.

  • You imagine embroidery as taking houuuuurrrssss and daaaayyyys and it’s only for very patient people! - It can be all those things. But why should it be? I teach embroidery that gets you relaxed about so called “mistakes” which means we move on much quicker. I show you how to stitch big and fast covering large areas of your fabric, getting those gorgeous textures happening, you’ll be choosing colours like a seasoned designer! I show you little short cuts and tips that get you moving on to the next thing much quicker.

  • You’ve embroidered before but as you say, the trouble is what do you do with it once you’ve finished? - Who needs piles of unfinished projects and piles of fabrics with embroidery on them if you’re not going to turn them into something usable and admirable? Part of the course is actually turning your finished piece into something! I show you not just one but a number of different finished projects that your embroidery can become. No more piles!


floral embroidery using long and short stitch and fly stitch


ONE ON ONE ATTENTION - With a group of only 15 people over 27 hours of tuition in the 9 weeks, you can be certain of plenty of one to one time with me. Not only will I help you with all the mysterious technical stuff but I will also help you release perfection tendencies (should you have any!) I will teach you to enjoy the process. We leave self criticism outside and we embrace our abilities. I will encourage you, lead you, inspire you and never allow you to criticise your own work.

STITCH MASTERY - You will get proficient at a variety of different stitches, both filling stitches and outline stitches and you will know when and how to use them, how to start them and how to finish them. You will also learn to “navigate” your way around a pattern to save time and thread! The ultimate in efficiency!

COLOUR PROFICIENCY - I will show you the system I often use to choose colours for my projects. I know colour choices can be overwhelming but there is an easy way out! By the end of the course you will be choosing and matching colours like a seasoned designer.

PATTERN TRANSFER - You will get good, really good, at transferring patterns onto your fabrics. And I don’t just mean tracing a circle and a few lines. Nope. You’ll be transferring patterns in different ways depending on your fabric and the shape of it. It’s a different story transferring a single flower onto the middle of a table cloth and transferring a bunch of flowers onto the front of a button shirt, right?

YOUR TOOLS AS YOUR HELPERS - You will master the use of all the tools which will become your friends and helpers instead of the burden they seem to be to some. You will always choose the right needle, always choose the right fabric, the right size hoop. And with that in tow your embroidery work will become a joy and a productive pastime as you go on to start AND FINISH project after project.

MAKE FRIENDS - Expect to make friends, get inspired, get ideas you’ve never had before, help others and through that strengthen your own learning. Expect to laugh and to be amazed at your own work. You will be surprised at what your hands can produce. You’ll feel proud showing your work and gifting it. You will feel creatively satisfied.

herringbone stitch embroidery on dark fabric


I loved being inspired every week, not only by Kasia, but by the achievements of all the participants. I loved having the opportunity to push myself in my design, and having Kasia’s advice on how to tackle a problem, or her suggesting what type of stitch would be best to use. I wish this was an ongoing course as I treasured this time for “me” every week.
— Karen H.
I loved coming to this class every week, being inspired by everyone’s creations. I am still amazed at what I was able to create and am so grateful for all your inspiration and encouragement.
— Kayscha C
Having the opportunity to meet people while learning a beautiful skill that has inspired me to explore the medium further.
— Jeanette L.
Thank you to a talented beautiful teacher!
— Martha I
Kasia’s talent as an artist and a teacher was so inspiring. We are constantly wowed by her creativity every week (always bringing in examples of her work), and how she encourages us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. Her tips and tricks about how to create your own design was invaluable, and then how to select the right colours and stitches to make the design come alive. I will definitely take other classes with Kasia in the future.
— Rhonda C
Kasia runs beautiful relaxed creative humorous teaching to a group of mostly strangers at the the beginning of the 9 week course and become friends as we stitch together. A place for lovely women to create their individual beautiful embroidery in an encouraging environment.
— Chris B.
Kasia is a wonderful teacher who inspired and encouraged me to dream big and create something far beyond my expectations. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have set me off on a new creative journey.
— Louise B.

Would you like to see more? Below are photos of some of the student work. these students either had very limited or NO prior experience with embroidery.

stem stitch floral embroidery
alphabet sampler embroidery
satin stitch floral embroidery with words
floral embroidery using long and short stitch and fly stitch
long and short stitch bird embroidery
contemporary floral embroidery using french knots
floral herringbone stitch embroidery with long and short stitch
mandala embroidery
contemporary floral embroidery with bright colours

herringbone stitch embroidery on a hoop

details of the course:

  • 15 places available

  • 9 weeks starting Wednesday 1st May.

  • Total of 27 hours of tuition.

  • We meet every Wednesday evening from 6pm to 9pm.

  • The venue is The Happen Store at 55 Parramatta Rd Annandale, Sydney.

  • You receive a weekly ‘lesson summary’ and ‘coming up next week’ updates from me.

Materials to the value of $75 are included in the cost of the class:

  • 75cm x 75cm high grade Russian linen

  • 12 skeins of stranded embroidery threads

  • 2 needles

  • Variety of patterns

  • Embroidery hoop

  • High quality transfer paper

  • Workbook

kasia wearing embroidered clothes with embroidered wall hangings

I look forward to seeing you on the 1st May!