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Hello creative soul mates. My name is Kasia Jacquot. I am an embroidery artist, teacher and designer of patterns. I have a knack for making things with my hands, always have. My hands and fingers seem to have their own personality and agility for which I am grateful daily. A 'talent' I guess, that I was born with and embroidery is my chosen medium where I let my hands just do what they like and my eyes follow.

Now here's the thing at the heart of my work, the thing that brings me AS MUCH joy as seeing a finished project; convincing you and showing you that you can do the same. You see, most of us live through stories we tell ourselves in our heads. Those stories are divided into "I am this" and "I am not this". Some of the "I am not this" are accompanied by: "I wish I WAS that but I'm not clever/talented/patient enough". We place a wall between us and the thing we wish we could do or be and then spend the rest of our lives admiring others from a distance and sighing at our perceived inability to do the same. And the worst part is that in so many cases we just accept it because we have a belief that says that we don't have the 'talent', the 'gift'.


Yet the mystery is easily unveiled when you are simply shown HOW to do something and then follow through with practice and consistency. I am here to share my own creations which come to life through my hands. Equally I am here to show you, to guide you, to convince you that you can make the same. I endeavour to bridge the gap between your conviction that you can't make something and the thing that you want to create. I am here to show you the small steps, the 'a-ha!' shortcuts, the colour combinations and the patterns that work well. I am here to convince you that 'talent' has nothing to do with the ability to create stunning art. If you feel excitement when you touch a stunning piece of embroidery, if you get butterflies at the thought of creating a wall-hanging for your home and you can imagine it on your wall, if you've been admiring form a distance embroidered creations wishing you could do the same then you are in the right place to be lead towards your own inner artist.

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An important word about philosophy. Why would anyone need a philosophy for embroidery?? Because it gives purpose to the thing you create and purpose is the driving principle that makes you finish your work. This is the invisible force which helps you create work that fits in with your passions, tastes and lifestyle.


Your values will drive your purpose and will give you flow and make you a prolific creator. It is a way of working that puts an end to piles of unfinished projects, to bags of unused materials, to craft clutter and to feelings of regret and disappointment. When you work deliberately with purpose and through your values your creative work almost just happens by itself. There is no effort, no patience is required, nothing is hard. 


  1. Make less but better.
  2. Honour the things you own, take care of your tools, buy quality. Your tools are your helpers, respect them.
  3. Use embroidery time wisely. Do not waste it on negative thinking or idle mind chatter. Stitch with a mantra, practice breathing calmly or imagine beautiful things. Your project will be imbued with whatever energy you felt while you were stitching.
  4. Art is utilitarian because it brings happiness to the spaces we occupy and thus improves lives. This is an important reason to create.
  5. Clutter and mess is counterproductive. Clean out regularly.
  6. Do not keep finished work hidden away. If it is finished use it, gift it or sell it. Let it live.
  7. Lovingly allow 'imperfections'. Crooked lines and uneven edges are the distinction between a machine and a human.
  8. Seek perfection only in attitude. If you are bored, impatient, or frustrated, deeply examine your own expectations and motivation. Embroidery in an of itself does not come with built in meaning. The meaning you put in is the experience you get back.
  9. Do not delay any creativity. One day you will look back and wish you made the thing you thought you couldn't make.

I hope this has given you food for thought and sparked your passion. I invite you to explore the site, get in touch with me, join a workshop or get started on one of the patterns available in the shop.

With love and creative freedom, Kasia :)