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100% Linen by the metre - "Flax"

100% Linen by the metre - "Flax"


This is 100% linen which is sold by the metre. Please indicate how many meters you’d like by typing in a number into the quantity field.

This beautiful high quality raw linen comes straight from the fields of Russia where it is grown, spun and woven. It is my linen of choice for all my own embroidery work and has proven to be the best that I’ve worked with over the years.

The linen is 145cm wide and the weight is 245GSM. When washed it has a 5% shrinkage and I recommend that you prewash it before embroidering IF your project will be washed after it has been embroidered for example if you’re making a skirt or top out of this. If you intend of making a wall hanging which will not see the washing machine then it’s not necessary to pre wash it.

The linen softens beautifully with use and by the time you finish your embroidery project it will have lost its original stiffness.

The needle I like to use with this linen is a Chenille size 24 and my preference is to mostly use all six strands of the DMC embroidery floss. This linen can take nice and chunky embroidery and I would not recommend it for very fine work if for example you prefer to use one or two strands or work with very fine silks.

The linen comes in three colours which are pictured in the last three photos so you have a clear comparison of the colours.

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