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EMBROIDERY KIT - Henry's Magnolia

EMBROIDERY KIT - Henry's Magnolia


An awesomely fun kit! A bit like a “choose your own adventure” actually! This kit comes with a hand printed pattern already on your linen. No need to transfer the pattern. Follow my stitch instructions but choose your own colours where ever you want to put them! You can truly go to town with this pattern and keep adding your own stitches and if you have more embroidery threads at home you can just keep adding more colours.

It’s a wonderful way to relax and let yourself get creative. This is also perfect for beginners or kids as you can easily do the whole pattern in a single stitch such as the back stitch and it will still look wonderful. So easy to follow and stitch up and the results are quick due to the big pattern and that you’re using all six threads of your skein (chunky stitches!), you’ll finish this in no time.

Once stitched you can turn it into a tote bag or cushion front or even a funky wall-hanging for your room.

Your kit includes:

  • Panel of hand printed 100% raw linen

  • Instructions

  • 6 colours of DMC embroidery floss

  • Needle

  • Colour photo for inspiration

Also remember, if there are stitches you’re not familiar with I have short video tutorials on my website that will show you a variety of different stitches and that are super easy to follow.

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