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OLGA 3 - PDF pattern

OLGA 3 - PDF pattern



This is a beautiful scatter pattern perfect to stitch directly onto the front of your favourite item; a bag, a cushion, a top! Easily repeatable onto large projects such as panels on a quilt, it will go wherever your imagination will lead. This pattern is designed to be used to scatter, you can place a single flower elements onto a small pocket or repeat the three different floral designs onto a large item such as a quilt or a skirt. I scattered this design onto a cushion front and stitched with wool. The instructions call for DMC cotton threads but you can use wool or crochet cotton too! Use your imagination and whatever you already have at home.

I guide you every step of the way. With beautiful illustrations and colour photos I walk you through this design. I have included not only the stitch guide, but also detailed colour photos so you can see my own stitches. You cannot fail, I’m with you right until you finish your project. On my website you will also find a series of short videos showing you how to do the stitches featured in this pattern in case you’re either not familiar with them or have forgotten.

All you need is your own fabric, embroidery threads, a needle and a hoop as well as a home printer to print out your pattern. The full material details are all in the PDF.

Please note, this pattern is for your embroidery only. It does not show how to make the items that are pictured here. These images are intended as inspiration to show you examples of what you can turn your finished embroidery into. Create your own priceless keepsakes.

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