How the small stuff is insanely powerful

How the small stuff is insanely powerful

Hello creative soul mate.

Whatever it is that you're busy with, work, children, errands and day to day activities that seem to have no end to them, I hope you are able to make time to be still and rest your mind and body.

In my life I am finding now how important it is to make time for ourselves and care for our minds. This is most easily forgotten when life is going just OK. Nothing awful is happening, nothing amazing either, it's just plodding along. It's then that we keep making ourselves keep going and going and going. We say things like "I'll have time this weekend to rest" or "I'll finally sit down when I finish XYZ" or at the extreme "I'll rest when I retire!" We also often build up our rest time to be one big chunk like a whole weekend without any errands or obligations. We dream of a two week vacation on  a quiet island. We plan for rest time AFTER we do something else first. As though resting and enjoying ourselves or taking time to recharge our batteries was something we needed to earn! Like it was a reward.

But have you ever noticed that the goal posts just keep moving?

The work never ends, someone always needs us and we always seem to find just one more thing that 'should' be done before we give time to ourselves. And so often when we do rest, our minds are going crazy with the thousand errands or worries that still need our attention. Our bodies might look still but inside we're running a marathon.

If any of these descriptions resonate with you then you're not alone. You and I are both the same and so are millions of others around the world. But how can you change this? There is no instant cure (like a two week vacation), the instant cures are short lasting anyway, but there is a slowly growing permanent cure.

There is no instant cure, but there is a slowly growing permanent cure.

Small steps but often. The smaller the step and the more frequent the more powerful and long lasting the changes. I've tested this on myself with many different things; money, weight, rest and relaxation, finding time etc.

You see for the most part we over-complicate things so much, but in truth it's not rocket science. Small and frequent positive steps are way more powerful than trying to make one big change or figuring out what that one big change should be.

With this in mid I invite you to lovingly give yourself permission to rest your mind and boy frequently throughout each day. Resting for 5-15 minutes several times a day and imagining nice things has a powerful effect on us and it is extremely underrated, and thus underused. And resting can mean sitting with a cup of tea or walking up to the shops slowly to buy milk. It doesn't have to be a lie down in a quiet room filled with plants, a water fountain and soothing music! I use the time when I hang out the washing as my rest time. I practice present moment awareness and focus on each item of clothing expressing gratitude for the beautiful clothes we have as a family. Afterwards I don't feel tired, I feel happy.

Remember, small things have big power.

Deliberately look for small gaps in your day that you will choose to use to disengage from the current of 'busy'. That's why my washing line is so good. I leave the house and for those few minutes it's just me and a few small simple things; pegs, socks, towels. The birds sing, I get some sunshine on my face and feel the grass with my bare feet. Keep it simple.

You know how else the small stuff is insanely powerful? With embroidery that's how. Look at each individual stitch. On its own it's so small and insignificant. But small tiny stitches done again and again over time produce a stunning piece of work. I'm sure you've seen some exquisite embroideries and gasped at the amount of work involved. Possibly you even thought "I could never make something like this!" And yet, one small stitch at a time you can grow a masterpiece.

With love and creative freedom.
Kasia x

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