School of Embroidery Practice & Design.

Welcome to the School of Embroidery Practice & Design. Here you will find information about upcoming classes, workshops and courses.

Below are short tutorial videos which are intended on assisting with stitches which are featured in all my kits. If you recently purchased one of my kits these will help you along.

My aim is to enable you with embroidery skills for life. Not only technical skills of stitching and use of your materials, but also skills in how you approach your own creative practice. How to find and make time for creativity, how to soothe the inner critic, how to finish what you started, how to be present and how to never feel the need to rely on patience. There are many myths about 'talent' and 'patience' all of which can easily be dissolved with new mindsets paving the way for you to enjoy your creative practice and make things that you use and love. I invite you to join me for a class that resonates with you.

Chain Stitch Tutorial

Fly Stitch Tutorial

Stem Stitch Tutorial

Herringbone Stitch Tutorial

Uploaded by kasia jacquot on 2018-08-29.