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if you’ve been following me for a while you know I absolutely love teaching at The Happen Store.

Christmas Table Runner Embroidery - Monday 16th September 10-4pm

This is the debut Christmas workshop for 2019! I’m opening it up early to enable everyone to get their Christmas embroideries finished… by Christmas! I’ve created brand new designs and all geared towards easy and quick finishes as well as lots of flexibility to enable you to keep it simple or go crazy and add a tonne of stitches. In this workshop you will not only learn a number of stitches but also how to decide which stitches to put where as you work your way around the design. As an added bonus I will also be sharing a very special Christmas tradition which has been practiced in my home town for generations. I won’t just tell you about it, you will experience it. All my workshops focus on letting go of perfectionism and embracing a relaxed style all to enable you to finish projects faster and give them a bold and striking finish.

To book your spot click here to go directly to the bookings page on The Happen Store website.

Earlier Event: August 25
Later Event: September 24